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Water & Sewer Emergency Repairs and Installation


Water and Sewer emergencies can cause damage to your home and destroy valuables. Don't let this happen to you!


Water service lines can break, flood your basement, and disrupt your household. Municipal utilities will require you to repair your leak or they will shut off water service to your home. Call NCCL Enterprises and let us help you with your emergency or new home water service installation. We take care of all permitting and installation requirements. For more information about our water services click here.

Sewer laterals can back up and/or break, either way it can be an overwhelming experience. The damage that can occur if not repaired quickly can be devastating. NCCL Enterprises employees are experienced with every type of sewer problems. Let us help you get through a difficult situation and make the right repair fast and efficiently... saving you money and headaches! For more information about our sewer lateral repairs or installations click here!

We also offer Backwater Valve Installations and Video Inspections of your sewer and drain lines.

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