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Sewer Repair and Installation
Need an immediate sewer repair? Call us right now at 617-658-6040. 
When a sewer emergency happens, no homeowner wants to wait to get it fixed. Not only can the malfunctioning sewer cause extreme odor and an unpleasant situation, it can also cause damage to the home and property. Whatever the issue, NCCL Enterprises' Sewer Specialists are on call 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to stop the odor and damage caused by sewer problems and get the problem fixed fast.


Types Of Sewer Emergencies

Just like any plumbing in a home, the sewer system has many different working parts and pipes that can get clogged, broken or stop functioning. Unfortunately, when these problems occur, it is not always just water that is getting backed up or leaking into the home. Waste material not only can do the same damage as water, it also is foul in odor and can be hazardous to the occupants in the home. Some common sewer emergencies are:

  • Broken sewer pipes. A sewer pipe or line may break and cause clogs and backups in the sewer system of the home. The first signs may be odor and leaking sewage, either inside the home or in the yard surrounding the house. Tree roots are a common cause of sewer pipe breakage outside the home.

  • Sewage backup and clogs. If sewer pipes get clogged it can cause sewage backup and even flood the home. Depending on where the clog is, the sewage backup may affect one or several plumbing areas in the home. The toilet is usually the first place homeowners may notice a sewage backup, however the refuse that is backed up may come up through any drain, usually low drains such as a bath or shower.

  • Side sewer backups. The pipes that lead from the home to the city sewer can become clogged and affect the whole home. Most times, these side sewers, even though they are outside the home leading to the city system, are still the responsibility of the homeowner.

  • Offset pipes. In some older plumbing, pipes can become offset, meaning two sections of the pipe are no longer properly aligned or connected. This can cause clogs and backups within the system.


Whatever the sewer emergency may be, Budget Sewer has trained professionals that are available to get the problem handled as soon as possible. Using camera or video inspections if necessary, the problem can be diagnosed quickly and resolved before any more disruption or damage is caused.

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